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Ways To Support CLiCK

We invite you to join us in our mission to grow a healthier, more just, and sustainable food system while nurturing our local community. You can support CLiCK in numerous ways: Engage with us on social media platforms to stay informed about our initiatives, events, and the latest updates. Consider helping by volunteering with us, and contributing your time and skills to foster positive change. Join our newsletter, and deepen your impact by donating. Your support is instrumental in building a future where everyone has access to nutritious food, and together, we can create lasting change.

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Join us in growing a more local, just and sustainable food system

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We rely on donors like you to lay the groundwork for food systems reform . 

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“What’s so exciting about this kind of enterprise is it will create jobs, it will drive the economy and it will enhance and create opportunity"..."Because people have to begin somewhere and they can’t all buy a huge freezer or a big kitchen to do their restaurant or to sell their produce or meat.”

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal

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