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We are your multi-cultural, multi-service, kitchen connecting farmers chefs and food lovers. Our producers buy local ingredients, support local farms, and help grow our local economy—right here in Windham County. 


CLiCK is playing a critical part in the shift from an unsustainable, socially and environmentally destructive, global food system to one that is just, locally based, sustainable, and healthy for all.


Our commercial kitchen facilities allow food entrepreneurs and farmers to grow their businesses without taking on the debt or risk of an entire kitchen all by themselves. We foster a network between food producers by connecting our member businesses to local farms to increase consumer access to fresh nutritious foods.

Join us to support and enhance our community’s local food sovereignty, empower local growers, and contribute to a cleaner, climate-conscious, democratic food system. There are many benefits to investing in local food production; not only does your community improve, but you can see the health benefits inside your household. That’s why CLiCK is here — for the benefit of individuals, the local community, and the world.




CLiCK Willimantic began in 2009 after local residents and members of the Willimantic Food Co-op discussed the idea of a shared processing kitchen and ways to better serve farmers in the Windham community. The initial impetus for CLiCK was to provide local farmers a place to process their goods and add value to their raw materials…

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