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Food Business Incubator

Our Micro Business Program is dedicated to empowering aspiring food entrepreneurs to launch their businesses successfully. This program helps food entrepreneurs obtain their licensing  /cerifications, supports their product development, offers business consulting, and grants access to our commercial kitchen facilities.

 Shared-Use Commercial Kitchens

Our state-of-the-art shared-use commercial kitchens cater to food entrepreneurs, farmers, and more. CLiCK features three distinct kitchens: a fully equipped main kitchen, a dedicated baking kitchen, and a specialized processing and distribution kitchen. Check out our kitchens to ensure that they align with your needs. If you're interested in utilizing our kitchen facilities, please complete our inquiry form. To access our kitchens, you must have insurance with CLiCK listed as an Additional Insured, hold ServSafe or QFO Manager Certification, possess a Business Tax Identification Number (EIN), and the necessary licensing."

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